Lismore Castle Exclusive Hire - Testimonials


One just has to take a look at the visitors’ book to get a handle on what I mean. There is Lucian Freud (the worst handwriting of the lot), Diana Mosley (another Mitford sister, who married Britain’s most infamous fascist), poet John Betjeman, writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, photographer Cecil Beaton and actor Dominic West. There are earls, dukes and other royals; there are soccer stars and rock stars. A young J.F.K. came to stay. There is Fred Astaire, his signature followed by a note from his sister, Adele, who lived at Lismore from 1936 to 1944 with her husband, Lord Charles Cavendish, younger brother of the tenth duke. “I thought he’d never leave,” Adele wrote in her delicate hand, beneath a missive from her brother. It would take days, weeks to discover every detail of this house. For this reason alone, Lismore is the best rental of its kind—utterly authentic.

(Departures Magazine)


Stunning and spectacular! We will treasure these memories forever. (Nov 2018)


What a special week- I will never forget the perfect 90th birthday party. (Oct 2018)


Lismore Castle- great family, great friends in a wonderful setting: A memory of a lifetime. We really enjoyed our time here these past few days. What a way to mark a new beginning of our new chapter. Thank you to all the staff making this experience unique.(Sep 2018)


Incomparable place, setting, service. In a long life of great travel, Lismore is in a league of its own as a destination and one that feels sublimely like a home.(Sep 2018)


I have never had more fun in my life. This is the perfect setting with delightful friends. See you in the near future. (Sep 2018)


When we think of Ireland, we will forever think of Lismore Castle and the amazing time we had. Thank you, thank you for the “key” to your castle. This is a very special place stuffed by thoughtful and kind people. We hope to return! (Sep 2018)


Another simply spectacular, blissful week at Lismore! Such a beautiful place and wonderful staff. Looking forward to our next stay already. (Sep  2018)


Simply spectacular! Your attention to detail and focus on providing the perfect environment for fun was incredible. It was a royal experience. (Sep  2018)


Gardens, architecture, delicious meals and drink. Thank you for providing us with such fabulous memories. We had the most spectacular fireworks display on the eve of our departure. BRAVO! Keep the fires burning! (Sep  2018)


This visit was even better than the first time. Everyone here is so incredible!! Thank you. (Aug 2018)


To all the Lismore staff, I cannot begin to express our gratitude for your kind hospitality and your impeccable service during our stay at the Castle. Our family is forever transformed by the experience. We look forward to our next visit with our Irish family in the future. (Jul 2018)


This has been a truly enchanting experience living in Lismore Castle for five beautiful days. The staff has made us feel part of the family and part of the fairytale of its grand history. I will never forget my time here. (Jul 2018)


We loved every second of our time here! The staff has treated us like kings and queens. Fairytales do come true…. Lismore Castle is the reason why. (Jul 2018)


What a magical experience! I don’t want to wake up from this beautiful fairytale! Thank you so very much for making the clan feel so welcomed! (Jul 2018)


Thank you for a truly life-changing week. Showing us Ireland in her truest and most beautiful form. (Jul 2018)


To Denis and Patrick, Our return visit to Lismore today was wonderful. After 32 years we happily remembered so many beautiful moments that we shared here... My heart will always be in Lismore. (Jun 2018)


Dear Lismore Castle staff, a popular question is “would you do it all over again?” We rarely say yes, we have wonderful lives punctuated by magnificent experiences. However, all of us, our entire family, would happily live these past few days over. They have been filled with beauty, charm, civilty, joy and kindness. Our Lismore Castle experience will stay with the four of us for many years. God bless you and we hope to see you again. (Jun 2018)


Dear Denis, Leonard, Patrick, Tony and all of Lismore, Our family vacation could not have been better. You make magic a reality here. Thank you for this little piece of heaven and for endless patience.(Jun 2018)


I had the best second stay. Thank you Mr Denis for getting the ice cream truck surprise and letting me go in the floor and for the hot cocoa. You were so good to me. (Jun 2018)


Dear Lismore castle staff, we had the best time! You have a lovely home, and everyone was warm, friendly and helpful. This trip is full of memories that will last a lifetime. (Jun 2018)


Words cannot express the heartfelt warmth you showed us. You did so much more than provide tours and history. You made a lifetime of memories for our family, and we are forever grateful. Peace and blessings be with you always! (Jun 2018)


A truly beautiful place and a perfect setting for a fabulous birthday party. Thank you all for your wonderful care and a fantastic time. (May 2018)


Thank you for a magical visit into your home. (May 2018)


Like being in heaven with the door closed! (May 2018)


What an amazing place to spend Christmas, thanks to Dennis and all staff for taking such good care of us and making sure we had a great time. (Dec 2016)


I can’t imagine a better place to spend the Holidays than Lismore Castle. Thank you for making it feel like home for a week. (Dec 2017)


I had a lovely visit here and the whole place felt like I was in a fairytale. Best Christmas ever! (Dec 2017)


Lovely to stay again. Such a privilege. Thanks for spoiling us. (Aug 2017)


Staying at Lismore is a memory that will stay with me forever!  Wonderful experience! (Aug 2017)


Needless to say, we have had a splendid stay & in contrary to our Viking ancestors, we did not come to pillage. We did however thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Dinner and drinks. Champagne in the gardens, a most interesting art collection, but best of all…the service of your staff. (Apr 2017)


Incomparable. Much love. (May 2017)


What an incredible and unforgettable experience, thank you so much. (May 2017)


It is hard to believe that it has been 17 years since we got engaged here, and then our wedding. Followed by our 10th wedding anniversary at the Castle. Through all the times Dennis and Patrick have been fantastic. Such a lovely family and utter professionals. (Jun 2017)


Had a wonderful stay with the family in this beautiful castle. Looking forward to coming back in the future. (Jun 2017)


We were very lucky to come back to this magical place that at times seems to live in this undisturbed pocket of space. Thank you! (Jun 2017)


A magical week at Lismore! Thank you to Dennis and the staff for another memorable “Lismore Experience” (Jun 2017)


Thank you for bringing the family together. (Jun 2017)


Thank you – another escape from the real world of outside these gates. Lucky lucky us. (Jun 2017)


Never has a week gone so quickly and we had the most fun ever! Thank you and job well done all around! (Jul 2017)


Thank you! There is nowhere I would rather be. Can’t thank you enough for creating + presenting so many memories + magical moments. (Jul 2017)


Thank you for the hundred thousand welcomes provided by all. We will cherish our memories of Lismore Castle as we return home. (Jul 2017)


What an amazing & magical week I had at Lismore! Thank you so much for helping make my first time in Ireland so grand! (Jul 2017)

What a wonderful way to turn 80. I have been coming for years and have always enjoyed myself. Thank you, Dennis, Leonard, Beth Ann and all the crew who make Lismore Lismore. With many sincere gratitude from the best week ever! (Jul 2017)


I don’t believe I ever considered that I would spend time in a beautiful historic and magnificent castle at any point in my life! Now that I have it’s opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed! In fact, I may not leave – I’m off to go hide somewhere in the castle grounds! Thank you for the hospitality & making this such a special trip. (Jul 2017)


 This was the best week ever! I got used to castle life quickly and do not want to leave. I may go hide in the monk’s escape tunnel – haven’t decided yet! Everyone here is so wonderful, I am so grateful and will never forget staying here! Really upset for the imminent downgrade as I return to regular life, but still happy to have seen life here! Thank you! (Jul 2017)


 Thank you so much for opening your home to our group. We are from Louisiana and pride ourselves on true hospitality. Dennis + staff went above and beyond to make sure we had the grandest of experiences! (Jul 2017)


Wonderful stay. Thank you for all the memories. (Jul 2017)


What an amazing special place. Thank you all! (Jul 2017)


A very special place and superb team led by Dennis to make us feel so welcome. (Jul 2017)


A great privilege and joy to spend time in such a majestic and tranquil setting and home. A rare and magical experience. Thank you all! (Jul 2017)


A magical experience with family – what a setting and staff!!! Thank you all. (Jul 2017)


Thank you for your lovely hospitality. Lismore is a remarkable place! (Jul 2017)


Blessed to call this place my home for the past week. Thanks for everything!!!(Aug 2017)


Amazing week! Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience. We will miss Dennis + team, the gardens, our afternoon walks, most importantly, our afternoon tea! (Aug 2017)


Lismore Castle is my favourite castle. Officially selling all of my other castles in America and moving here. Thanks for opening my eyes to real castle life. (Aug 2017)


The most magical and delightful week of history, music, jousting, art and friends celebrating Irish life together. Thank you for even beginning with the solar eclipse. Out of this world! (Aug 2017)


This spectacular home has clearly provided inspiration, comfort and community for generations and I am honoured and humbled to have spent the week in the company of such incredible people who continue to think big ideas and pursue them. Thank you so much to our hosts this week, and all the staff who supported us all. (Aug 2017)


How enchanting?! Such an idyllic week with new and old friends that will be a suite of everlasting memories. Thank you for making this all possible. Thank you to all the amazing staff for creating the warmth of Lismore Castle. From Queens Room to drawing room to the grand hall beauty and wonder abound… on the river and in the gardens, add to the majesty of the entire experience. Thank you, Lismore! (Aug 2017)


To witness or to learn about the past is part of education, but to share it and allow others immerse themselves in it is to keep it alive. Thank you all for allowing us to become enchanted – even if for only a week, because it will keep the seen and unseen flowing beyond this magical castle’s walls. Thank you for sharing your treasure. (Aug 2017)


 From the moment we entered the gates, we felt as if we had come home – Thank you for caring. (Aug 2017)


Wow!! 6 years in a row and it never gets old! The castle and staff are wonderful! Great place! Great people! Great food! Great fun! See you in 2018! (Sep 2017)


A big thank you, Hugs and kisses to Denis, Patrick, Beth  and their team! We simply had a great time here – you immediately made us feel at home in your magnificent castle. We came here from all over Europe – Italy, Russia, Germany and Switzerland and were a happy crowd that always could count on your help. (Sep 2017)


What a glorious experience. Thrilled I am back here next year. It would be hard to leave not knowing I was coming back. If I was half the man Dennis is, I would be a truly lucky man. Thank you from the bottom of my being! (Sep 2017)


Another magical stay at Lismore. Wonder if the town is a buzz about the fireworks! We leave with our fairies + the fondest of memories. Denton was brilliant! (Sep 2017)


A magical place with wonderful people, and the best hostess of them all. Thank you for another wonderful experience. (Sep 2017)


You offered the Castle as our home and then made us feel welcome enough to believe it. All of the staff at the Castle could not have been more welcoming and accommodating. Our wishes were not only fulfilled but anticipated. Denis was wonderful to work with us as were Sean and Leonard. Beth Ann created a fabulous meal for us each night and everyone who was there to help could not have done more to make us all so happy. It was a week full of joyous memories and I thank you all. (Oct 2016)

Thank you for making this yet another unforgettable trip this remains one of our favourite spots on earth and you all made this an experience well carry with us for a long time (May 2016)

The greatest stay I’ve ever had in my life! Denis and his footmen could not have been better. Hate to leave. (May 2016)

Nothing could ever top our amazing experience here! Thank you to Denis and the incredible staff. You are all simply wonderful. (May 2016)

To be immersed in the heritage, tradition and art of Lismore Castle has simply been dreamy. The graciousness, warmth and care during our stay was unparalleled. I have been so honoured to be a guest here. To Denis and all his staff members including Oliver, Jake and Tony a heartfelt thanks for your kindness and care. You are gentlemen and made me feel so welcome. I will never forget the prestige of singing in Pugin Hall and dancing with the Booley dancers I look forward to returning in the future (June 2016)

Such an amazing house of history! Thanks so much for sharing your home history and beauty. (June 2016)Being here is a dream come true! (June 2016)

Amazing! Castle is beautiful didn’t want to leave. (June 2016)

There are no words………. There was not a single thing that wasn’t perfect. Thank you to the entire Lismore team. (June 2016)


This was an amazing 3 days what a blessing it was to experience the legacy and culture of this place the service was fantastic Denis and his team were splendid! (June 2016)


Thank you to Lismore Denis and Staff for creating a most wonderful experience. These days were truly magical and unforgettable (June 2016)


It’s difficult to say anything about our time here without resorting to the basest of clichés –It has been haven and an idyll for us yet again. We always find our days here to be so long and deliciously lazy yet the week flies by so quickly. We first came to Lismore days after being engaged, we return years after our marriage and we hope to revisit many times in the years to come. Thank you so much for making us feel so cherished in this place we hold close to both our hearts. (July 2016)


I have never experienced anything quite like this Castle it is an elegant place with an incredible amount of interesting History (July 2016)


This place is heaven on earth. Thanks to all of you cannot wait to return. Thank you for the best week ever. (July 2016)


Brilliant in 2016 as in May 2013, so happy to be back with team Kendall (July 2016)


Could not fathom a more spectacular locale for a tremendous visit with old and new friends – and the lily pond was the perfect site for our engagement – Cheers! (July 2016)


Another amazing trip! Lismore never disappoints – always a magical experience (July 2016)


Great Castle, Great Food, Great Staff, Great Guide, Great Group “Five G’s” Love Ireland! (July 2016)


What a wonderful trip to this beautiful castle, meeting new faces! The opportunity to experience this trip with this group and with the castle staff has been an experience I’ll cherish for many years to come! I couldn’t have asked for a better time. (July 2016)


Everything was absolutely perfect especially Denis and Leonard, and all the friends we met extraordinary. Thank you thank you for an incredible time (July 2016)


Memories of a lifetime were formed this week, thank you for a glorious week in this beautiful Lismore Castle (July 2016)


Literally a dream come true everything was just wonderful beyond imagining. Thank you for a most memorable stay the staff is fantastic things could not have been better we will hold this precious memory forever. Denis is a treasure! Patrick and Leonard are a delight. (July 2016)


Beautiful place and people the best of the Irish tradition of excellence in food and service. May the wind be always at your back and may you enter heaven’s gates before the devil knows your gone! (July 2016)


Wow! what an amazing Castle the Lismore Castle is!! It is like a dream come true one we don’t want to wake up from! In my life I have never imagined such a wonderful place existed. The week I have spent here will always be remembered and cherished the high tea and all the wonderful people who work here are incredible! Thank you Denis you do a fantastic job!! (July 2016)


Magical!! From the moment from the road that I saw the castle all I could think of is how magical it appeared. Walking through the Castle and seeing all the splendour was somewhat amazing. I had a wonderful week. Denis and his staff are amazing also. (July 2016)


Another grand stay at Lismore Castle, a magical place, an absolutely grand and kind staff and a wonderful week of good fun and fond memories. (Aug 2016)


Thanks for a vacation like no other; a trip of a lifetime (Aug 2016)


Thank you for another grand stay at the Castle. We look forward to our next trip to the Castle. Best staff as always & more memories were made. (Aug 2016)


The best way to spend a week in Ireland Lovely time, great place and believe it or not excellent weather! (Aug 2016)


What a beautiful piece of Gods earth! Loved every single moment of our stay! Many thanks for allowing this opportunity and to your amazing staff for their wonderful attention to all our needs even those we didn’t know we had thanks again and the food was just fabulous. (Sep 2016)


It was experience of a lifetime…enjoyed our visit immensely. Everything was lovely especially the efficient friendly staff (Sep 2016)


It was such a wonderful week here at Lismore with friends old and new the welcome we receive the friendly and most accommodating staff the delicious food the beautiful Irish countryside make memories we shall treasure forever. (Sep 2016)


No words, so beautiful everything, staff here was amazing. (Sep 2016)


Thank you for a wonderful amazing week in this beautiful location. Delicious food fantastic staff and the best company. (Sep 2016)


Magical wonderful perfect sincere thanks for a week to be remembered and hopefully relived. (Sep 2016)


Beyond grateful to have experienced a most magical glorious fun week here at Lismore. Many thanks to the amazing staff for their hospitality and warmth. Memories that will be treasured forever. Peace and Love. (Sep 2016)


Another wonderful stay in this beautiful place thank you for everything. I hope to return soon. (Sept 2016)


Thank you for a very special time in a very special place (Oct 2016)What a marvellous stay loved every minute. (Oct 2016)


Fantastic visit, WOW! wonderful staff and an incredible backdrop to boot thank you for the lovely stay. (Oct 2016)


Thank you for wonderful hospitality and gourmet dining and appreciate your warmest welcoming attention. (Oct 2016)


After seeing Lismore on a previous trip, what a delightful experience to enjoy so much of such a special spot, thank you for a terrific stay. Your staff is superb. (Oct 2016)


What a treasure thank you for sharing Lismore with us. (Oct 2016)


A simply wonderful place which I will never forget. (Oct 2016)


Does it ever rain in Ireland! Amazing few days (April 2016)


One of life’s great experiences never to be forgotten (May 2016)


Words cannot explain the wonderful weekend we had here at Lismore Castle - I hope thank you will do! (June 2106)


Words cannot express the incredible experience we've had here in Lismore- it's been an absolute dream. The memories we've made here will be ones we carry for the rest of our lives. The castle and grounds are breathtaking and no amount of pictures can capture the beauty. Thank you to Denis and the most amazing staff- don't even get us started on the incredible food! This week was truly an experience of a lifetime.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (Aug 2015)


Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and generosity! This is a beautiful and special gem in the heart of Ireland. We have many fond memories and will forever remember our trip and stay at Lismore Castle!(Aug 2015)


3 generations - 22 of us - We cannot think of a better place for our family to enjoy. Thanks to Dennis and the superb staff.We will see you all again!(July 2015)


It was a magical week at Lismore Castle! We are so sad to leave.Thank you to Denis and all of the staff for making this such a special family gathering to celebrate Grandpa’s 80th birthday!We will treasure these special memories! Hope to see you all again!(July 2015)


Another magical stay at Lismore Castle. You and your team are amazing. Thanks for all you do to make folks welcome.See you again in 2016.(May 2015)


Third time is "me Lucky Charm"! Thank you so much for another spectacular time at Lismore Castle (May 2015)


Lismore has all the elements in a home that make it truly magical. The surroundings (in and out), the staff, the space, the history and the sense of family. Thank you for sharing it with us! (May 2015)


A truly wonderful week at Lismore with wonderful friends. It couldn't have been better! Thank you to all who made it so memorable.(May 2015)


All the makings of a fairytale experience!(Mar 2015)


Home is where the guest is...We felt at home cuddled by the kindness and gentleness of the Lismore Castle staff. Honoured to be guests in your precious home and grateful for being indulged by the beauty of a magical place and stunning surroundings.We can't thank you enough for this once in a lifetime experience and will leave with our hearts full of joy and happiness!Thank you so much, Thank You!!(Mar 2015)


Our family made memories that we will cherish for a lifetime and are lucky to have made them here at Lismore Castle!(Mar 2015)


A beautiful place, lovely company, memories of a lifetime(Dec 2013)


Celebrating my 60th with my family was a highlight of my life! There is no better place or better group of people than the staff here.(April 2014)


An absolutely unforgettable weekend! What a magical place! So many memories.(May 2014)


My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding at your wonderful family home of Lismore Castle. I wanted to write you a note of sincere thanks and appreciation regarding the outstanding staff at the Castle. Our guests left the wedding searching for superlatives regarding their experience; simply put, “best wedding ever!” sums it up. For us the grooms, we will always treasure the magical memories of our most important day and will forever be indebted to Lismore Castle.(August 2014)


As Denis said on our last night, families create their own magic at Lismore. This is surely true as we – 17 of us – had many magical moments, which will remain in our hearts and minds forever. And yet magic does not occur in a vacuum. It is due in no small part to Denis and his crew who provided an extraordinary level of service while still allowing us to feel completely at home. Bravo!It was a week of extraordinary love and robust laughter. Ever Thanks!(July 2014)


Our stay at Lismore Castle has bee the gift of our lifetime from my father... To bring us all together, to unite in laughter & memories. There was not a moment when I wasn’t smiling in awe! To stay in a castle so alive with history, intellect, art and warmth lit every moment with magic – right down to the cows watching us kayak! To stay in a home of children and having Lord Burlington join us for tea?! Participating in the litter pick up was a lot of fun!As the week unfolded my father never stopped smiling and for that I am forever grateful! We will be back! Love to you Lismore XOXO(July 2014)


Most incredible experience of my life. Thanks to all!(July 2014)


From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Amazing hospitality from the entire team. Your castle is a place of retreat, it grabbed my soul from the time I entered the door.Ourfamily was not only able to come together from all over the U.S and Canada to be together but to celebrate our “togetherness” and create magical memories will be forever appreciated.The smile on our faces - from “Grandpa” (almost the oldest) to little “Jake” (definitely the youngest) is very symbolic of what you have offered to us…an invaluable gift!(July 2014)


Incredible!! Thank you all for an experience we could only have dreamed of. We cannot imagine any way it could have been bettered – the staff have all been absolutely superb.(August 2014)


It was an absolute dream to celebrate this wedding at Lismore. What a magical location and an unforgettable experience, one that will be remembered for a lifetime.(August 2014)


From someone who has stayed in most of Ireland there is nowhere close to Lismore, thanks to the top staff led by Denis.(Sept 2014)


An enchanted castle, so much history, amazing, homely, comfortable, luxurious…I can’t believe I got to leave. Best time ever.(May 2014)


Fantastic weekend. The most magical setting for a party, made all the more memorable by the staff and Denis.(May 2014)


My only worry is that this can’t be topped! We have peaked – the absolute ultimate – Our wonderful friend has made this possible. Huge thank you to Denis, Oliver and all the super team that make it work.(May 2014)


Thank you so much for a vacation we will never forget. It was so easy to feel at “home” in every room. Hope to be back some day.(July 2014)


We wanted our first big family gathering to be an experience our kids and grandkids would never forget. The memories created this week will forever be special. The staff were so helpful in making our Ireland dream come true. Thank you William for sharing this beautiful castle.(July 2014)


We stormed Lismore Castle on July 25th and occupied it until August 1st. We were overwhelmed with warm hospitality, exceptional accommodations and farm fresh foods. We suffered few causalities and inflicted few injuries. The weather was spectacular and Denis and his team were flawless and the Castle history was fascinating. Sadly we must retreat – but we shall return with reinforcements.(AR & Family USA July 2013)


In my 25 years of planning luxury travel, nothing has equaled Lismore Castle. From the advance planning through the execution by the management, to the ever-vigilant, thinking-ahead-of-you polished staff, to the epicurean delights of the kitchen, to the magical physical location, to the warmly comfortable yet un-intimidating grandeur of the castle itself - Lismore Castle offers the exceptional travel experience. Be prepared to wonder what in the world you will do next, and how it can possibly match what you have just experienced. With any kind of luck this will NOT be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you WILL return to Lismore Castle.(R.K. USA)


Simply the best company meeting we have ever had in a unique and inspiring setting with world class service. No venue in 20 years of business travel has even come close, we will be talking about this meeting for decades.(P.W. IRL/USA)


Another wonderful experience! Thanks to Denis, Leonard, Patrick, Becky, Maura and staff for offering such meaningful memories for our family and friends. All of us look forward to our next return. Continued blessings.(D&A.F. USA)


Words cannot begin to thank you for our unbelievable 11 days. We only hope to return. God bless you all! (The 90th Birthday Girl, N.W. USA).


Lismore Castle was hand-selected to host one of our exclusive senior management events. Requiring precise attention to detail and top service level, we experienced from the very first contact onwards a warm, personalised high-end quality in all areas which is rare or mostly impossible to find nowadays. Think about how it feels to be professionally received by friends or coming home. This property is likely to be closer to that one special and rare place than any luxury hotel chain or boutique hotel. If you look for more, for this little extra, you will be seized by the sensuality and charm throughout your entire journey. This place is simply gorgeous and the entire staff far beyond any expectation. Indeed, we would truly recommend Lismore Castle for your corporate retreats, but keep it as a secret, please. (E.R.Switzerland)


"In your words…Brilliant!! Beyond all expectation. Everyone here did their absolute upmost to ensure that we all had the times of our lives. Thank you, thank you!” (P.G. USA)


We are blessed to have visited such a beautiful Castle. Lismore and its fine people will hold a special place in our hearts. (A.C.USA)


What a magical experience!It’s hard to put into words how special this trip was! Denis and the staff are superb. The country is wonderful and the Castle is spectacular.We will never forget renewing our vows here among our family and our new friends at the Castle. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly and thanks for flying the Texas flag for us! (D.C. USA)


My family and I have just been lucky enough to spend an unbelievably memorable few days at Lismore... And we all had the best weekend ever. Denis and his team looked after us sensationally. We canoed, walked, ate and drank way too much, got rained on needless to say, and danced with the fantastic Booley House group. And played an epic amount of ping pong and snooker... we can't wait to find an excuse to come back...(A.F.UK)


I feel very blessed that I have been able to stay at Lismore twice. Please be sure to pass along my very best wishes to Lord and Lady Burlington and to Denis and the entire staff at Lismore Castle. Everything was grand, the gardens are magnificent, the art area is a wonderful idea, we loved looking at all the wonderful pictures and reading up on Lismore and most of all we all felt really "at home" in Lismore Castle. (C.W. USA)


"The only place on earth to which we've returned again and again. We just love Lismore." (L.R. USA)


"Thank you for 21 perfect meals. I am still thinking about your vegetables,which says a lot. The scones and sponge cake on the last day were the best ever (except for the chocolate cake at tea on Wednesday). You did an amazing job with special requests (birthday dinner and summer pudding, none of which were on the menu). And the salmon! And your flawless timing! It couldn't have been better!" (M.H. USA)


From the moment we first called Lismore, we felt that they were behind us every step of the way in making our event as great as it could possibly be. No challenge was too much, no suggestion was too crazy. From day one, it felt like we were part of the castle team, working together to ensure our guests had an experience that none of them will ever forget. Thank you.(P.C.& E.L. IRE)


We have stayed all over the world and always come back to Lismore. (D.D. USA)


"Another remarkable experience with family and friends at one of our favourite destinations. A simply wonderful staff."(D&A F. USA)


"The comfortably elegant surroundings, superb cuisine and supremely attentive staff have made our gathering of special friends a wonderful and memorable time." (M&RA L. USA)


Your castle is enchanting and it feels like home. (J.M. USA)


Lismore Castle vacations are the stuff that dreams are made of. The staff is expert at making one and all feel that they are home, being cosseted and cared for like no other place I have ever been. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Denis Nevin, all is done to perfection. The food is outstanding, the Castle so very comfortable, there is not a request that cannot be met, and the whole experience is one of sheer delight. This year will be our sixteenth trip there, and we cannot wait to go! (S.M. USA)


We saved the best for last, with our American friends savouring all that is wonderful at Lismore on the final three nights of their Irish tour. And Lismore did not disappoint. Our clients returned home with the fondest memories of a most remarkable experience of Ireland. (LTR, Scotland)


"Everyone recognises the great effort that goes to make things go smoothly. Congratulations on your truly professional operation at the Castle. C and I will always remember how well it all went” (P. T. UK)